A Wave 40 years in the Making

A Wave 40 Years in the Making

It was 1984 and we were preparing to return to Canada from Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, where we served for 11 years with Trans World Radio. Treasured pieces of driftwood were selected and packed into some of our barrels.

One incredible piece was carefully wrapped and placed into a crate beside larger items. It is absolutely huge, absolutely breathtaking! Its gorgeous shape is riddled with holes and cavities! Where had it once grown, in Africa?

Driftwooding was one of my favourite pastimes!

One small, dark piece of driftwood sat at the back of my husband’s workbench for years. Last month, I decided to do something with it—what—I did not know.

I began sanding its rough exterior. Judging from dried bits of black tar on its dull surface, it must have jostled its way through oil spills on the high seas before being tossed onto Bonaire’s windswept east coast by powerful waves crashing against its jagged rocks.

My husband gave the piece two coats of white paint . . . and voila! . . .  before our eyes was a wave cresting . . . about to flow . . . toward shore.

You may read about our adventures on Bonaire in “Little Dutch Isle” available on Amazon.