Intrusion by Non-verbal Artist

Evidence of his astounding artistry was right there in front of me . . . but he left without saying a word!

I knew full well who he was, even his nickname . . . and had no notion of calling 911.

Childhood memories instantly thrilled me! I grabbed the camera.

On the windowpane of our front door, Jack Frost had etched exquisite palm fronds and ferns—just like he did when I was a kid on the farm! Me and my younger sister shared an upper bedroom and were enchanted by similar winter artistry on windowpane ‘canvases.’

Photo taken January 17, 2024

(Frames by Verne, Kitchener, Ontario, made the acrylic face-mount of my photo, printing it on the back of optically clear acrylic which is completely washable and fade resistant, and, I might add, inexpensive.)