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In all the hurry-scurry involved with leaving his condo in tip-top shape for someone subletting it in his absence, John dashed over to McDonalds to grab a Big Mac.  When he drove up to the window, he heard the words, “No charge.  Someone paid it forward for you!”  What an uplift!

The final thing on his agenda last night was to safely bestow his beloved cat, Jasmine, a Tonkinese, into our care, taking time to cuddle her, and to repeat what he always says when they part, “I’ll be back.  I’ll be back.”

John was up at three this morning to catch a taxi to Pearson International Airport, flying to Houston, Texas, for a connecting flight on United to Bonaire.

“You’ve had a long vacation in Canada, and now you’re back home!

That is how the propietor of Prikichi Residence greeted John when she picked him up from Flamingo Airport .  In his phone call, he said, “And that’s how it felt.” John rented the same apartment that he had last year.

Bonaire lies just off the north shore of Venezuela (orange letters)

bonairecarib area

The next map shows the three islands often referred to as The ABCs.  (Whoops!  Someone stuck an extra “n” in Bonaire.)


The Bonairian flag waves proudly from all government buildings.

Bonaire flag

Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire, has many sailing vessels bobbing in its turquoise bay, and welcomes cruise ships from around the world.


Is it any wonder Bonaire has become one of the top diving locations in the world?

Sponge vases2-cr-1024-Two gorgeous pinktall-lucky-crJoannaScuba

Our daughter, Dr. Joanna McDonald (2012)

Jn and sea fans-2014

John in 2014 taking courses to become a Master Scuba Diving Trainer

John will be purchasing an underwater camera to replace the one that broke off of his equipment last year.  Lloyd and I are looking forward to seeing more of the wonders of the deep that call John back year after year.  Stay tuned!

Copy of Sea fans & purple fish-cr


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  1. Tks. El – Lucky John – what a great life he has, eh? Hey! I thought that you folks weren’t going to be taking Jasmine anymore. Hard to refuse your children, right?

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