Summer breezes are busy! July 13-2014

Morning sunlight has climbed over the forest’s tree tops! 

July 12-14-Morning light-1024

Summer weather of all sorts and all in one day!  How lovely to have cottony clouds scuttling across the freshly washed blue sky, and to be rid of the  humidity! 

After the vigorous downpour this afternoon, the walnut tree’s branches waved to and fro, gently rocking Swiss Chalet’s inhabitants.  Busy breezes revealed some of the walnut tree’s secrets previously hidden among her boughs, all in leathery wraps.  Did you know that English Black Walnuts such as these are much more delicious than California walnuts?   

July 12-14-walnuts-size OK

The songs of the wrens are as varied as the weather lately, and I’m sure Lord and Lady Wren understand exactly what they are saying to each other.  Frequently, it is now bits of song, and often subdued in tone.  After all, you musn’t disturb the babies once Lady Wren has gotten their tummies full and they are off to sleep. 

    Now, it’s time for me to forage for myself, Lady Wren sighed as she stepped onto her front porch, seemingly listening a moment to make sure all was quiet.  She certainly doesn’t seem to be losing weight, though, with all of this activity, does she?

July 12-14-fat wren-1024-on perch

Whatever happened to Bounce the Hummer?  Why, he can actually sit a spell and sip at the feeder!  Maybe he’s out of the crazy teenage stage, and is now an adult hummer.

July 12-14-Hummer-1024-sipping

Strange how Bounce is not paying much attention to the scarlet bee balm, touted in gardening books as one of his favourite soda bars.  It must be that he can draw a king-sized sip from the feeder, and can’t be bothered hovering from petal to petal.  Doesn’t he know that I planted the bee balm just for him?  And in fact, I planted two patches; one up the knoll, and one just a few yards from the feeder.  Give me a break!

I wonder where he goes to when he zips around the corner?  Maybe he fancies the speckled lilies.  I know they’d be delighted to have him pay a visit.

July 14-14-speckled lilies-1024


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