Whistling Gardens – July 15, 2014

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, Lloyd and I struck out from Kitchener for Whistling Gardens located mid-way between Brantford and Simcoe.  Set to explore some 20 acres of botanical gardens, we armed ourselves with walking canes, sun hats, comfortable shoes, and, of course, a camera.  

July 15-14-sign to Whistling-1024-Gardens

A graceful Weeping Norway Spruce welcomed us, signalling that we wouldn’t be disappointed in what we were about to see.  We were given a map, showing the location of various gardens and special features.

July 15-14-Weeping Norway-1024-Spruce

July 15-14-cottonwood-1024- poplar

Now, ‘fess up.  Doesn’t the arm of this old Cottonwood Popular  near the entrance of the gardens make you want to climb up and sit there a spell?  

Lilies I hadn’t seen before and phlox bloom next to a hedge of dwarf Weeping Norway Spruce which the owner grafted himself.  What a handsome sight!

July 15-14-Hedge of Dwarf Weeping -1024-Norway Spruce

How’s this for a splash of colour?

July 15-14-red begonia -1024-bed

Benches abound!  Walkways are wheelchair accessible, with no hills to struggle with.  Washroom facilities are available, and beverages and light snacks may be purchased as well.  

Swans are part of the tranquil atmosphere.   A tiny island set in the middle of the lake adds to the intrigue.  The good news is . . .  a large lake is about to be dug on adjacent land, sure to enhance the pleasure of a day at Whistling Gardens.

July 15-14-swan-1024

Complimentary colours are juxtaposed everywhere with exciting effect!

July 15-14-Yellow daisies-1024-& cone flowers

Unusual specimen plants will set you back on your heels!  Which corner of the globe might this beauty be native to?

July 15-14-unusual-black-1024

Want to pass the time by playing some chess?

July 15-14-giant chess-1024-& stone pavement

Graceful fountains are guarded by bracket beds on four corners. Lovely life-size statuary adorn some of the gardens.

July 15-14-fountain-1024

You will take home lots of inspiration.  I simply fell in love with Queen of the Prairies, and have been scheming ever since just where such luscious flowers would be happy residents in my garden.  They need a moist location.  Below is a photo of the tall beauties, followed by a close-up of their fairy-like heads of teensy flowers:

July 15-14-Queen of the -1024-Prairies & rails

July 15-14-Queen-Prairies-1024- close-up

This sign says it all:

July 15-14-Conifer sign-1024

Isn’t this one a honey?  I think it’s some kind of pine, and the next one looks like it might belong to the hemlock family.

July 15-14-Unusual conifers-1 of-1024-a kind in Canada

July 15-14-unusual hemlock-1024-maybe

Whistling Gardens also offer plants for sale.  I didn’t have time to even think of buying.  I was too busy looking! 

Our day was topped off with a choreographed 8-minute water display which is run twice daily Monday thru Friday, and three times on weekends.

July 15-14-water show-1024

Rates are $13 Adults, $11 Seniors 60+, $6 Students 5-22, Four and under free. Group rates and guided tours available.  Weddings hosted.

Email:  info@whistlinggardens.ca


Phone:  519-443-5773

July 15-14-two swans in flowerbed-1024

The owner offered to draw us a map, enabling us to return to Kitchener in about 40 minutes.  He’s a speedy and accurate cartographer – just another one of his numerous talents. What he and his family have created here at Whistling Gardens is something you must experience.  Put it on your bucket list!!


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