We’re selling like hot cakes!

Sunday afternoon was spent dealing in real estate.  We were holding the mortgages, and offered 0% interest. The market was sizzling!

Our first sale was to Mother Chickadee who bought the Cedar Shake house on Black Pole Lane.

Chicadee tenant-1024-May 18-14

The next purchaser was a petite opera singer, who chose an exclusive property with designer-fashion lines, no less, called Château de la Gourde. 

Wren looking - gourd-1024-May 18-14

Mother Wren must have pre-booked the movers, unbeknownst to us.  Before we knew it, she was hauling in a snow-white bassinet!  Oh yes, the interior colour scheme must reflect that of the exterior.  This was one high-class lady, folks!

Wren -977-nest mat.-May 18-14

Another purchaser had signed on the dotted line a few days earlier for a lot in Whispering Cedars.  She was making a chipping sound from within the deep recesses of the home she was constructing.  We forgot to check whether she had a building permit, but I’m sure her husband had taken care of those papers.  He was one handsome dude, and sported a suit jacket of shocking red!

Cardinal in cedar-1024

Meanwhile, a fierce rousting-out was going on around the red drive-in restaurant on our property, and it wasn’t even listed with MLS!  I’m hoping the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird wins the competition with its plainer relative.  From our seats on the lawn swing, we kept good and clear of the pointy bills that were definitely exceeding the speed limit as they cruised past.  Yes, Sir, spring sure is the time to sell property!

ruby throat-1024-June 13-12

Horrors!  Mr. Gold Finch alighted on top of Château de la Gourde!  Quick!   Where’s that SOLD sign?   The House Wren has already signed the Offer to Purchase, and we’ve accepted it!!

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