What’s on the horizon?

The answer:  An oil painting (by commission) of penguins in beautiful Antarctica!

It was the best wool hat you could imagine!  That’s what the roses said of the HUGE blanket of snow that sheltered them from winter’s fierce cold.  Usually there is quite a bit of dead wood to be pruned off the end of the canes every spring.  Not this year.  The whole stalk on every rose bush was green!


Since painting “Beside the Still Waters,” I have been totally occupied uploading two books that I wrote about our Bonaire experience titled On That Little Dutch Isle – Part I and Part II.  I’ll let you know in the BOOKS ‘N STUFF column on our website as soon as they become available.

Lloyd underwent a total left knee replacement the end of March and has needed my assistance.  I am proud of his persistent effort to persevere through the painful exercises.  They began on his first day home from the hospital, and will need to be carried on for a few more weeks yet.  Just yesterday he began trying to walk around the house without a cane!

Day 27, 1024-Apr.24-14The studio is much more spacious since we sold the framing equipment.  I’m eager to pick up the paint brushes once again, and enjoy working under the natural light there.


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