Supplementing Baby Robin’s Diet – July 26, 2014

You wanted to know where our neighbour found that little bird, didn’t you?  At her hairdresser’s!  Where else would such a tousled looking individual go?  He didn’t exactly “go,” but found himself plopped on her front lawn, nest and all!  Perhaps the wind dislodged his mud-walled abode from the tree.  Perhaps a mean old coon did, or one of those always-in-a-hurry squirrels.

Anyway, when the hairdresser asked if he wanted a haircut, he simply cheeped, “No thanks.  I need a momma to look after me.”  He gave a little shiver.

 And that’s when my good neighbour, who was at the hairdresser’s, volunteered to take him home.

Chatting with her out of the window this morning, she said she caught a mosquito when she was preparing some scrambled eggs for him, and added it to the mix!  She kept his adobe-style nest in the nursery box so that he has familiar surroundings.   

Meanwhile, Lord and Lady Wren are pulling long-g-g shifts, caring for their youngsters.  Mind you, they’re not complaining.  Whoever heard a wren complain?

July 26-14-wren-1024

The bee balm patches continue to be a fountain of refreshing sweetness for the hummers.

July 26-14-Hummer, left-1024-approach

Mr. McD got some odd jobs done today, both of which required him to climb on a stepladder, new knee and all.  A garden topper purchased a few years ago at the Stratford Garden Festival was installed on the clothesline pole.
July 26-14-topper on clothesline-1024- pole

The upper shed had its hatpin put back on, which was taken off last summer when Mr. McD tarred the roof.

July 26-14-crown-1024-on shed

I have no news to report on Mr. and Mrs. Treefrog.  They must have taken off on a day trip or something.   

Later this afternoon, my neighbour said that she thought the baby robin’s excrement was a bit loose, so she went to the pet store and got something for that, and also bought a jar of worms.  She must have his meal right ready before she pulls back the covers because the moment she does that, his mouth flies wide open!   By the time she also gives a tiny taste to her gentle Rottweiler . . . baby robin has dropped off to sleep.  This growing up business is mighty hard work!

By the way, when awake, he is already walking around! Worms must be super nutritious, but I don’t think I’ll give them a try.  I’ll just make that observation, OK, because I’m just way too busy.  However, if you add a worm or two to your scrambled eggs some morning, do email me and let me know if you experience a BURST OF ENERGY!   You’ll never know if you don’t try, will you? 

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