Out with the old, in with the new – August 9, 2014

Cedar Hollow had the last of its cedar hedging trimmed this morning.  After John severed the cord . . . we hauled out another extension cord and soldiered on.  When Mr. McD connects the end on again, we won’t miss the few feet of length we lost.  I made myself more useful by holding the cord out and away from the electric hedge clippers as John worked.  He has a good eye for getting things as  straight as an arrow.

You wanted to see the seeds of the tiger lily, didn’t you?  Now, why didn’t you just say so?  One can’t help but feel sorry, looking at the tiger lily’s brave leaves riddled by mean, selfish, disrespectful old bugs.  They should be hauled up on the carpet and charged with vandalism and defacement of property, that’s what!     


The song sparrow is thirsty.  “Mind if I have a drink?” she seems to say.


How could we say no?  She had better clear out of here fast, though.  Lord Wren has seen this trespasser.


He signalled for backup.  In another instant, he and Lady Wren swooped full speed after the sparrow like a pair of fighter jets!!

But everyone isn’t on high alert at Cedar Hollow. 

The bumblebee patiently gathered nectar and pollen from the feathery spikes of astilbe.  I do love the little hum he makes.  See him on the right-hand stalk?


Where is his home anyway?  Years ago, I stumbled upon pollen pots of a bumble bee in the grass beside a post – beautiful, soft, cream-coloured little crocks. 

In the late afternoon, a bird in the woods was making a one-syllable call repeatedly, somewhat like a robin does at times.  Nextdoor, the Rottweiler hurried up the knoll expectantly.  Did he think it was little Pipinka calling him?

Around supper time, we got a phone call to say that my new computer was ready for pickup.  As we headed home with it stowed in the cargo area of the Smart car (barely got it in), I commented to Mr. McD that it felt kind of similar to when we brought a newborn baby home from the hospital – the scary reality of caring for it from that moment on begins to set in with each mile.  

Why do computer companies have to keep changing things anyway?  Are they a cantankerous bunch, or what?  You just get comfortable with the system you have, and then they come out with a new-fangled next model.  You hang onto your old one like a favourite slipper with a hole in the toe . . . and then it conks out on you!  It’s not fair, I tell you.  Well, I’d be driving a Model-T with a mindset like this now, wouldn’t I?  

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