Welcome to Cedar Hollow! – July 21, 2014

What will you be aware of when you come down the walk by the sidewalk gardens?  Yes, that you have entered Cedar Hollow!  Welcome!  Welcome, indeed!

July 21-14-Cedar Hollow-1024-signInterestingly, a lady at the K-W Woodworking Shop which routed the letters for us thought that the slab of driftwood was cedar!   How long it floated in the sea before I picked it out of a pile of driftwood on Bonaire’s eastern shore, I have no idea, but I can tell you it’s been 30 years since it arrived in Canada . . . treasured . . . but waiting until now to give you this joyful announcement:  Cedar Hollow 

Across from the sign, beans are climbing up a trellis in a determined fashion.  Who would think that such pretty blossoms will soon stre-t-ch out into edibles?  We won’t have to stand on our head to pick them either!

July 21-14-Climbing Beans-1024-in flower

Some time ago, I showed you a photo of the springtime leaves of the fall crocus – long, healthy green leaves similar in shape to that of the tulip.  All of the energy from the robust leaves has now been transferred to the bulbs sleeping below.  You won’t believe how beautiful the lilac-coloured double flowers will be on their snow-white stems come October (but I’ll show you ).  And if you should ask them where their leaves are, they’ll just say, Been there.  Done that.

July 21-14-Fall Croses died-1024-back

A few times today we saw both of the wrens busy around the Swiss Chalet at the same time.  One might have gone into their house, while the other sang from somewhere.  Why, here she is on the fence, of all places!

July 21-14-Wren wire fence-1024

Bounce, the hummingbird, divided his time between the bee balm flowers  . . .

July 21-14-hummingbird sip-1024

. . . and the feeder. 

July 21-14-satisfied-1024-customer-hummer

“Aw,”  he hums, as he leans back in his chair, looking totally satisfied, “The beverage of the day is always served fresh at the McDs’.”

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