So that’s what he was up to! June 25-14

Good old Google shed some light on this strange business of playing musical houses.  Apparently, as part of the courtship ritual, the male wren begins building several nests in a nearby area, laying just their foundations.  Then he spends his time high up in the trees, singing to attract a mate.  And does he ever sing!  600 songs per hour! 

Situated in a quiet subdivision in Cedar Hollow are the three housing choices Lord Wren offered his ladylove, which you have seen before.  Left to right:

    Swiss Chalet

    Château de la Gourde

    Cedar Shake on Black Pole Lane

June 25-14-subdivision-1024

Now which nest do you think Lady Wren will finally choose?  Cedar Shake on Black Pole Lane would be the safest.  Nothing can climb up that fat old PVC pipe, can it?  Swiss Chalet would be the coolest, that’s for sure, shaded by the walnut boughs.  But  Château de la Gourde has got class.   

 Well, it’s up to Lady Wren, and that’s that.  Once she has made her choice, she will finish building the nest.  Now, don’t be surprised.   I have it on good authority that she got her carpentry papers from Conestoga College with right good marks!  When the house is finished, Lady Wren will settle down and knit the softest blankets you can imagine from feathers, hair, spider cocoons, wool, strips of bark, rootlets, moss . . . and even trash.

 “Is there anything down there that I could use?” 

June 25-14-on fence-1024-looking down

 A few moments later, Lady Wren flew by with something long and white in her beak. 

 Now, whatever is that white gob on the outside of Cedar Shake? I wondered.  Going closer to it, lo and behold, it was a soft spider cocoon!  Lady Wren  just epoxied it onto the outside of her house for a few moments until she was ready to stitch it into her blanket

June 25-14-spider bedding-1024

I kind of think that means that Cedar Shake is Lady Wren’s choice, don’t you?  I’ve been fooled before, as you know, so stay tuned for further developments!

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