Playing Musical Houses – June 24, 2014

It was too humid to be out in the garden much yesterday, but when I went to fill the hummingbird feeder, I heard no conversations whatever coming from Cedar Shake on Black Pole Lane.  I saw no fast-food deliveries by Mr. or Mrs. Chickadee.  Yes, the chickadee youngsters have flown the coup, and we missed the fun of watching their maiden flights.      

This morning on our break, who should we see on Cedar Shake’s rooftop but Lady Wren!

June 24-14-wren-1024-roof

“I always did like the look of this place!  In fact, I had my eye on it before Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee did.  Well, they gave the landlord their notice Sunday night, so now it’s mine, mine at last.   I know it doesn’t have a front porch like the Swiss Chalet, but you can’t have everything, no, you can’t.  Well, there’s no time to waste.  I’ve got to whir up my wings and get some furniture hauled in before someone else makes a down payment on it.  Possession is nine-tenths of the law, they say.”

We watched Lady Wren in disbelief.  Lloyd had seen her when she first looked the place over a few weeks ago.  Then, the first thing we knew,  she had begun carrying building materials into Château de la Gourde.  But the very day after John hung the Swiss Chalet in the black walnut tree, she gave it a brief inspection, and claimed the Chalet for her residence!  Lady Wren spent several days hauling in the makings of a bassinette and rocking chair.  She especially seemed to enjoy its front porch, even though its dimensions were quite narrow.  Before retiring for the night, she often sang a goodnight hymn there.  

Well, there’s just no telling what ladies fancy when it comes to housing! There’s not a lazy bone in Lady Wren, and she seems determined now to set up housekeeping  in the house of her dreams.

Had we any idea that Lady Wren would move over to Cedar Shake on Black Pole Lane, Lloyd would have given the house a thorough cleaning.  Ah well, there’s no stopping her now.

We watched as she manoeuvred long twigs through the front door, dropped some, picked them up again, and poked them inside.

June 24-14-long stick-1024

I heard her chirp something that didn’t surprise me in the least.  I could tell by the perky angle of her tail that this was her philosophy:

 Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” 

Had she overheard me telling John that my mother used to say that?  One day my mother told me that her mother and her grandmother both held it as their motto.  Great advice!  When you see a little wren going at it hammer and tong building a nest, remember that these words of wisdom were no doubt passed down to her, too.

Lady Wren paused briefly at her front door. 

June 24-14-wren door-1024-way

“Ah, yes, I do like this place! There’s such a view from here! I can see what’s going in the yards on either side, I can see right out to the street, the McD’s side door, and if that mangy old cat so much as sets a paw around here, I’ll be the first to know!  I believe there’s something to that realtor’s spiel after all:  Location, location, location! 

Warm showers of rain fell now and then during the afternoon.  Robin Jr. spent some time in the front yard spa cooling off. 

June 24-14-robin drenched-1024

“My, but that felt good!” he declared.

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