Seniors, Take Note!

While we were out running errands last week, Lloyd said, “Why don’t we just slip around and look at a Smart car?”

My head swivelled like an owl’s.  I stared straight at him, detecting a suspicious bit of a grin.  “We’re just going to look, aren’t we?”

We drove across town to the Mercedes-Benz dealership which has a Smart car division, and took their all-electric model out for a test drive.  It had a generous government rebate hanging over it like a carrot!  The final price was too high for our budget, and the pre-charge mileage was too low.

Not deterred, Lloyd suggested we take a look at their gasoline-powered Smart car, which was much less expensive.  They just happened to have the exact colour we wanted, and because it was a 2013 demo, they offered a generous discount.  It can go 600 km on a full tank.  We took it for a test-drive, and as you can see by the picture, it passed with flying colours!  Believe it or not, we purchased it at 0% interest!

E at wheel of Smart car-1024

It seems that no one can approach to look at our little ‘ladybug’ without grinning from ear to ear.  However, when you sit inside, it feels like a big car.  There is ample space behind the seats to fit in a picnic cooler with wheels, two lawn chairs and more!

Best of all, seniors, the floor is high, and to exit, you just put your feet out and stand up ; no prying yourself out like we had to do with the Grand Am.  The model?  “Fortwo Pure Coupe.”

Now, tell me, can you look at this car without smiling?

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