A Peeping Tom

On opening the living room drapes this morning, I was aghast to see a peeping Tom sitting by the sidewalk, staring right at me, not five feet away.  He didn’t blink or flinch, and made no attempt to run.

What’s more, as I looked at the cage by the hedge, I could see that the door to the cage was down.  That meant there should have been an animal inside, hopefully, a rabbit.  There wasn’t!  How did the critter remove the apple without getting caught? 

What was this brazen rabbit trying to communicate as he gaped straight at me?  Was it something like, “See.  I got your apple, and I didn’t get caught!  Now what are you going to do about it?”

What an insolent wretch!  No doubt he brought his siblings over  last night, told the strongest one to hold the door up with his paw, while he scooted in and seized the prized apple.

                                            I can just see him as he plopped down

 and ate the WHOLE thing

without sharing as much as

 one teensy little brown seed.

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