Introducing you to little Duke Wren the 1st – August 13, 2014

Top o’ the morning from the tiger lily quintet! 


Cedar Hollow received an abundance of rain last night, warm rain.  Drippity-splashity-sploosh!

By noon, the flowers had pretty much dried their frocks.  The two young start-ups in the prairie-sunset-false sunflower family have opened their first-ever blooms.  Below is a close-up of one of their happy parents:


I turned off the waterfalls near noon to listen to the chatter coming from the Swiss Chalet.  This youngster answered the door when I climbed the knoll and knocked. His parents were out foraging, or else I would have been torpedoed!

Aug.12-14-baby wren near entrance

Compare Duke Wren the 1st’s wide beak with that of his parent below.

Aug.12-14-Adult wren's pointed beak

Never mind.  The fresh, organic diet he gobbles up will bring about major changes to it in a very short time!  Remember how quickly the baby robin’s big rubbery beak changed?

I wonder if the little duke is remembering to flutter his wings?

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