Larger portions are simply contagious! August 11, 2014

Who should venture into Cedar Hollow but a Yellow Swallowtail – a guest we have been anticipating for some time!

Aug.11-14-Yellow Swallowtail

Yellow is my favourite colour!  I have never seen a baby goldfinch before, have you?  He doesn’t have his black chapeau yet, but that will come.

Aug.11-14-Goldfinch baby

Lord and Lady Wren have been working their wings off!  The nestlings’ appetites are hard to satisfy!   Can you see the big larva Lord Wren has brought to the dinner table?  Looks like the youngsters have caught onto the larger portions all the restaurants are advertising these days.  It’s contagious, that’s what!

Aug.11-14-Wren w. lg. worm

“Keep your bibs on,” Father Wren says.  “I’ll be back in a jiffy!” 

Aug.11-14-Lord Wren

The song sparrow seems to have her eye on the Cedar Shake on Black Pole Lane.  She certainly has her nerve, as the wrens have scolded her repeatedly, but she knows a good piece of real estate when she sees it.


She has tried out the view from the hoop lookout . . .


. . . as well tested the waters in the bird bath.  Every convenience at Cedar Hollow! 


Before supper, she was in the pan below the bird feeder in the front yard, nibbling on some broken bits of sunflower seeds.  Excellent  cafeteria!

Mr. McD actually saw an airplane accident this morning!  Lord and Lady Wren crashed into each other as they came in for a landing at the Swiss Chalet.  As I said before, we could sure use an air traffic controller at Cedar Hollow!  But . . . we didn’t have to call 911.  They revved their engines in opposite directions, and were soon back, taxying in fast food, and emptying the potty chamber in between runs.  I wonder if they’d like a bit of Tiger Balm to rub on their aching joints?

Lately when the parents arrive on the front porch of the Swiss Chalet, they quiver their wings and tail.  What’s this all about?  Are they encouraging their youngsters to try flying?  Is it Flight School’s Take-off 101 or something?

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