How to make rodents paranoid – June 16, 2014

A clump of foxgloves takes the spotlight in a round bed of pinky-mauvy astilbe, encircled by carrots and swiss chard.  Veggies always taste better when planted in circles.  You knew that, didn’t you?

June 16-14-foxgloves-1024

Now, who is snooping around here?  Why, it’s Zip the Chip! 

           Whatever is this?  Am I hearing things or what? 

No, he isn’t.  He is checking out a Go’pher It II which we dug into the flowerbed.  It is simply a long metal tube containing four “C” batteries which emit a beep every few seconds.  The theory is that it makes ground rodents paranoid!  They roll up their tents and leave.  The beep can’t be heard above ground, but it makes rodents think another critter may be burrowing in the ground toward them, and they’re not about to wait around to find out who!

June 16-14-rodent-vibrator-1024

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