The Tall and the Short of it.

What do waterlilies taste like?  Maybe not so great.  I suspect it was a coon who took a chomp out of one of the waterlilies last night, and spit it back out, leaving petals strewn about on the water.

June 11-14-open-1024- waterlily

Two tall plants are in bloom by the wood fence.  One is a delphinium.  The hummingbird made an inspection of the garden a couple of days ago, hovering above yellow daylilies for a few seconds.  I do hope she will take a sip of delphinium ambrosia.

June 11-14-Delphinium-1024

Three star-bursting spheres from the onion family are blooming not far from the delphinium, and two more star-bursts greet anyone who happens along the sidewalk garden.  When  finished blooming, the spheres dry well, and make an interesting addition to an autumn bouquet, lasting for years.

June 11-14-Starry-1024- sphere

When you think of delicate flowers, which ones come to mind?  And would you think a delicate blossom would have to be small in size?  Time to think again.  This is a wondrous bearded iris after a gentle rain, with petals as delicate as tissue paper.  Can you imagine how soft its golden carpet is  for the bumblebee’s feet?

June 11-Yellow -1024-bearded iris

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