Sunday Brunch – August 3, 2014

Catchy slogans work! 

Why would a restaurant advertise their noon menu when they can use a catchy slogan to do several things at once?  They can subtly indicate that it’s all right to lay in bed on a Sunday . . . it’s all right not to bother getting up for breakfast . . . or to go to church.  Just show up around noon at their leisurely dining establishment, and they’ll offer you roast beef right along with bacon and eggs – whatever your little heart fancies!  It’s called Sunday Brunch!

One thing for sure, though, you won’t catch the hummingbirds sleeping in, and they won’t miss breakfast either – wouldn’t think of it!  And as to where they attend church, I’m not quite sure, but they will not forget their Maker, the One Who guides them all the way from Costa Rica each summer to sip on Canadian nectar, the finest energy drinks in the whole world! 

Aug. 3-14-hummer at sun-1024-flower

You’ve heard of steel workers who can climb girders so high during construction of sky scrapers that an ordinary person would become dizzy if he attempted it.  Most of these skilled workers are North American Indians, admirably equipped to handle such work with sure-footedness and agility. 

A tiny creature with nerves of steel has been working at Cedar Hollow.  The funny thing is – I don’t recall interviewing or hiring him, or checking out a hard hat or steel-toed work-boots for him.  He has set to work anyway, fastening girders in place in a most dangerous location!  I’ve been given to understand that the strength of these girders is many times that of steel.  While I don’t have a photo of him in our employee file to show you, here is what he has constructed:

Aug. 3-14-web-1024-

What criteria does the person who cuts the lawn at your place use to decide when that chore should be done?  A dear Scottish lady in a seniors’ complex once told me that her father always said it was time to cut the lawn when it was high enough for a sparrow to hide in!

Do you think a recent visitor to Cedar Hollow, a white-throated sparrow, is trying to tell us something? 

Aug. 3-14-w. thr.sparrow-size OK-on lawn

I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering when the young wrens will fly the coop???  It’s got to be soon.  It seems I’ve been clicking pictures forever of the tenants who leased the Swiss Chalet !  Sure hope I don’t miss that exciting event.  Surely they won’t leave Cedar Hollow without bidding us adieu.  In spite of their mother scolding me recently for being too close to her home, I’m hoping her southern manners will carry the day, and that she will instruct her little ones to at least give us a little curtsy before they head off for points unknown.

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