Shoulders – paved, rocky, invisible, or grassy!

The Chipmunk Express pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway a few days ago to release its non-paying client to its new home in the country.  This was number ten.  I just saw another one scoot up the trunk of the miniature pear tree on the front lawn.  How many siblings are there?  Their mother must have been like the old lady who lived in the shoe!

It has been surprising to see a heuchera plant take root of its own accord this summer on the rocky shoulder of the waterfalls next to a mossy patch on the right.  Even more surprising was that it had enough energy to send up a mini stem of white bells!

Heuchera-clear-Aug. 12-13

When we take a break on the lawn swing, camera always at the ready, powerful shoulders bear guests within our viewing range, making nary a sound.

Hi!  I'm coming in for a sip!-1024- Aug Today I finished constructing a rugged zigzag fence across the shoulder of a pasture field in PEI.  It was rough old cedar to work with, but I managed to finish the job without getting any slivers!

The previous day I was listening to the uplifting audio story of R.G. Le Tourneau, a mover of men and of mountains, and did a little earth scraping myself.  I changed the contours of the pasture in the painting to accommodate a barn for the sheep which will soon arrive on its slopes.


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