If You Don’t Mind

“I hope you don’t think I’m a Peeping Tom . . . but I’ve just got to ask you a question, if you don’t mind.” 

Chipmunk-Mind if I peek in


“Where are you taking the chipmunks in that wired box thing?  I see you putting them into the trunk of your Smart car.  I’d kind-a like to get a ride in that cute thing myself.”

Smart Car-rear-1024

My husband just returned from chauffeuring Chipmunk No. 8 out to the country – maybe it was Peeping Tom himself!  When Lloyd opened the door of its mesh holding cell, the chipmunk scooted a short distance, then stopped, and paused . . . gathering his bearings, or maybe just stopping to say, Thanks for the ride!  He was a sanguine little creature, indeed, certainly not what you would call a Type A!

If that had been a squirrel, he would have charged out like a bolt of lightning the second Lloyd raised the door.

P.S.  Oh dear.  The Chipmunk Express is becoming too popular.  Before 5:00 p.m., Chipmunk No. 9 was demanding a ride in the Smart car, too!

Chipmunk No.9-1024-Jy 31-13

It had just started to rain, so we obliged right away.  As we headed out, Lloyd said, “I’ll soon have to start charging.  I’m closing down the Chipmunk Express for the night.  Two trips in one day is enough.”





Well, I’m heading back into the studio to paint some more of PEI’s gently rolling hills that we fell in love with a couple years ago.

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  1. We had to see your ladybug car & Yes, I agree with John, I would definitely paint black spots on it. It would be adorable but not very chipmunk-like. I was trying to find a preview of your PEI picture but I guess that it won’t be available until complete. I’ll probably want a print. Did I ever tell you that I found an oil painting of a park in PEI for $19 at a thrift store. It’s not great but there’s lots of red soil, some water, and fishing boats and so I had to have it. No place to hang it in our new home – maybe the trailer. I love your photographs. bye for now. A.

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