Rabbit No. 2

Rejoice!  The apple bait worked once again! We hauled Rabbit No. 2 out to the countryside after breakfast.  This time, we carried the cage to the opposite side of the busy road before releasing her.  When Lloyd opened the door and tipped the cage up a little, instead of bounding out and up the wooded hill, the rabbit ran along on the inside edge of the woods.

Maybe her Romeo has a new burrow dug by now, and will have the Welcome sign hung out.

Believe it or not, before she was caught, she chewed off a small clump of chives at the edge of our sidewalk garden!!  Is the idea of a rabbit’s menu just something green??  I would have thought she would turn her nose up at the onion-garlic taste of chives!  Maybe I should set out a hot pepper plant and see how that suits such wild taste buds.

We’ll bait the cage again in case more of her ilk come prowling and chomping about.

Rabbit No.2-1024


1 thought on “Rabbit No. 2

  1. Hello Eleanor , got your med message. Thanks!
    Rabbits can be a nuisance. In our neighbourhood we have swarms of them. Though, not quite as many as we do squirrels…..which are more rodent like. They appear cute but are much more destructive and much more cunning!

    See you in June

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