“GOOD MORNING” said the Evening Primroses – July 9-2014

And a very Good Morning to you!  These two are first cousins to the ones who greeted me a few mornings ago.

July 9-14-1024-Primroses

 Do you see the powerful 4-pronged thingamajig in their centres?  Its fancy name is stigma, and it stirs the pot, so to speak, determinedly pushing the petals OPEN as you watch!  It thrives on the gasps and “I can’t believe this” that it hears coming from observers and admirers.  And who can’t use a little bit of admiration now and then?

Ever played Third Base on a ball team?  Third Base probably consisted of a bald patch in the grass or a sand bag marking its location.  Well, this post serves as third base for Lord and Lady Wren.  They often land here briefly (emphasis on briefly) before flying to “home base” in the Swiss Chalet. 

July 10-14-post

Lady Wren looks a bit ruffled, don’t you think?  But who wouldn’t after squeezing through the barricades at the front door of Swiss Chalet.

July 9-14-Ruffled Wren-1024

We saw Bounce the Hummingbird several times today.  To watch him, you would think he had ants in his pants!  He just CAN’T sit still.  As I tried to describe his antics before, it’s . . .


          Fly up in the air six inches

               Back to the feeder for another sip

                    Up in the air again . . .

But Bounce doesn’t have ants in his pants.  Mr. McD made sure of that.  He applied thick grease to the bottom section of the pole that holds the feeder, and nary an ant can climb up to pester the hummingbirds!  No way!

July 9-14-Bounce-1024

Let me know if you have any pills to slow bouncy hummingbirds down.  Maybe the scarlet bee balm that is just beginning to bloom will calm him.

July 9-14-Bee balm-1024


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