And the winner is . . . .

Now wouldn’t you think folks would ask me which house Lady Wren has chosen?  After all, it’s happening right under my very nose.

June 27-14-Red-1014

 When ladies start measuring the size of the nursery, and figuring out just how many blankets and layettes they need to prepare, I’d say the guessing game is over. 

June 27-14-How many-1024-blankets-2

Yes, Sir, the winner is the Swiss Chalet!!   And doesn’t Lady Wren look contented?

June 27-14-wren at S-1024 If one of the babies is colicky, she won’t even have to rock it.  The breezes will take care of that so gently.  Ah, yes, I’d say Lady Wren picked the best house in the subdivision!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the many write-ups about wrens on Google, I came across something quite remarkable.   In 1921, in the Field Book of Wild Birds and Their Music,  F. Schuyler Mathews wrote out the score for the song of the wren.  I think it was the male’s score , . . because Lady Wren does not end her songs on the low notes as shown in this music.  Oh my no.  Lady Wren  projects joy!  And like all expectant mothers, she seems to have that  glow about her!  You know what I mean, don’t you?

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