“Yea, the sparrow has found a house” Psalm 84:3a

After planting impatients around the upper bird bath, we rested on the swing.  Our conversation went something like this:

The chickadees’ eggs must have hatched,” said Lloyd.  “They’re both flying in and out with something in their beaks.”

Chickadees’ Nursery














“I wonder why no one wants the chalet bird house in the old walnut tree?” I said.

And then . . . zoom-m-m!!  Mother Sparrow landed on the chalet’s perch . . . and I grabbed the camera.

It looks pretty good to me













What do you think?














Better check it out















Father Sparrow led the way.  They  popped inside, one after the other.

“I hope they can get out again,” worried my husband.

The hole should be bigger











Lloyd hauled out the step ladder and gathered some tools.  After rasping the hole larger, he didn’t have the wire attached to rehang it before Mother Sparrow returned . . . and claimed her house!

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