Splashing Through the Crags – October 7, 2010

(No. 2 in series of 5 Newfoundland paintings)

Sorry to be late in getting this posted. When Tuesday rolled around, I didn’t like the crags in the right part of the painting’s background, so began bulldozing them around. They still need more work, but I’ll let them dry a bit before inserting more cracks and crevises.


These blogs show the work in progress . . . which sometimes makes me cringe!

No doubt you noticed in the first painting that the waterfalls changed its location between postings. It seemed to fit better a little further back.

In the spring, the woodland caribou head up these ridges to upland plateaus which provide perfect birthing areas for rearing their young. Large patches of unmelted snow furnish a constant supply of succulent new plant growth. The herds move down into the forested lower elevations during the winter months.


At the moment, the waterfalls in this painting are just a blah outline on stark white canvas. Hopefully, by next week, the waterfalls will be splashing joyfully downward . . . causing you to rejoice in its musical tumblings!

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