Splashing Through the Crags – Sept. 28, 2010

I’ll let the crags dry before attempting to smudge on the mist that rises from the base of the waterfalls. This painting will portray a mightier waterfalls than depicted in the first in the series as the volume of water is much greater.


On the north side of Gros Morne Park, the town of Rocky Harbour on the coast was lovely, and our first B&B experience in Newfoundland.


Norris Point. Don’t you love it?


Later, on the way up to St. Anthony’s, we drove through Sally’s Cove, St. Paul’s, and Cow Head in Gros Morne National Park. However, time didn’t permit us to visit the towns on its south side: Woody Point, Glenburnie, Winterhouse Brook, Shoal Brook, Birchy Head, and Trout River.

Six overnights scheduled for Newfoundland just weren’t enough!

I would have liked to see the Atlantic Salmon in the river that surfaces from an underground cave, and also the pioneer village depicting the early 1900s.

Hopefully, the middle ridge in the above painting will look a lot different by next Tuesday.

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