Splashing Through the Crags – October 19, 2010

The painting took a back seat while we were busy preparing for winter. Deciding to take the goldfish indoors rather than keeping an air hole open for them in the pond throughout the snowy months, Lloyd patiently worked at netting them.


Their temporary home was a large pail topped with lily pads so they could relax while the temperature of the pond water in the bucket became the same as the temperature inside the house.


On top of the thick layer of pebbles on the bottom of the aquarium, we arranged some of the corals collected during the years we served with Trans World Radio on the island of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. Roots of live water plants were buried in the pebbles, as well as a piece of Bonaire driftwood and a couple of sea fans.


What fun we had arranging the white shells in the black stand below the aquarium!


Meanwhile . . . in the painting . . . you can see that the water has begun cascading through the crags!


Hopefully, by next week, the habitat surrounding the waterfalls will begin to appear in the painting.  Its green canopy beckons some 239 species of birds to the hills of Gros Morne. Those fortunate enough to hike here may see anything from featherweight warblers to 40-ton whales.

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