Ring the bells!

Cedar Hollow had been all too quiet for two whole days, two long, rather sad days. 

And then the joyous melody of the wren rang out from the leafy treetops.  Lady Wren popped inside the Swiss Chalet.  When she emerged and sat on her perch, the coral bells by the pond rang and clanged out a most hearty “Welcome home!!”

June 22-14-r-1024-coral bells

           I don’t have any idea what all this fuss is about, Lady Wren seemed to say.  After I laid my eggs, I left for a rest at Granny’s on the other side of town.  This is my first family, you know, and I had so many questions to ask her.  She smiled when I told her how beautiful the creamy-white eggs looked, all speckled with tiny reddish-brown squiggles.

          “Be sure and turn them over every day, my dear,” Granny said, as she gathered me under her soft wing and hugged me good bye.

June 21-14-wren-1024-on perch

Mrs. Chickadee flew down by the lighthouse.  It was plain to see that she had something to say to us as we sipped iced-tea on the lawn swing.

          Just keep the camera handy, folks.  My babies will be flying the nest any time now, and I don’t want you to miss it!

June 22-14-Ch. by-1024l

Presently, in the doorway of Cedar Shake on Black Pole Lane, Chick No. 1 appeared, and then disappeared.  He was as big as his mother, and looked just like her.  Or did he take after his father?  I can’t be sure.  Soon he was back.

          Oh my, he cheeped.  So this is the big wide world Mom and Dad have been telling us about. And that’s the wood fence they said is the closest landing pad.  But it’s SO-O-O far down.  No, I’m not ready for a test flight, not yet.  I’ll let Junior No. 2 or 3 or 4 try it first.  And besides, I couldn’t concentrate on which wing to flap first with all these noisy grackles about the place.

June 22-14-baby-1024-chicakadee looks out

 With that, he disappeared once more, and a black curtain was drawn across the doorway.

Chick No. 1 was right.  Cedar Hollow was literally invaded this afternoon!  A family of haughty grackles barged in!June 22-14-grackle-1024-at bSeveral of them strutted about the lawn with their mouths gaping wide open.  What a sight for sore eyes!  They made me hot just to look at them!  Two or three at a time crowded into the small bird bath for a drink and then a splash-about!    

One brave grackle did his ablutions in the pond, standing on a rock close to the surface.  Why, they practically took over the place!

June 22-14-grackle-1024-in pond

 Well, I’d better brush out the bird bath and fill it up again with clean water!   Anyway, Lady Wren is back, and all is right with the world! 

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