Peanut Butter Is Irresistible!

Just ask the chipmunks.

I didn’t go along with Lloyd when he took his double catch, Chipmunks No. 2 & 3, out to their country estate.  He told me that he thought they might be frightened . . . so he sang hymns to them all the way out!

Two at once! - 1024 - Jn 29-13

Today, Sunday afternoon, I went along to escort Chipmunk No. 4.

Chipmunk No.4-1024-Jn 30-13

Have you ever tried fitting a seat belt around a chipmunk?

He soon settled down, however, and sprawled on his tummy, hind feet behind, for most of the trip.  Once we reached the vicinity of his cousins and stopped the Smart car, Lloyd hoisted the cage out, and lifted its end gate.  Chipmunk No. 4 exited like a shot out of a gun, jiggling the tips of the tall grass on the embankment as he sped along.

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