Gros Morne – Aug. 31

A visit to Gros Morne changed the diminished expectations we held because of the over-used reference to Newfoundland as “the rock.”  The shaded area in the map below marks Gros Morne, the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada, totalling some 697 square miles of unspoiled rugged grandeur.

Map of Gros Morne

You can pick out Deer Lake Airport where we arrived in mid June via West Jet.  By rental car, we wound through the snow-gullied hills into Rocky Harbour for our first seaside B&B.  Outside the gate, a motorcycle was idling.  No, it hadn’t been forgotten.  A guest was charging his cell phone!  He happened to be a frequent visitor to Newfoundland, and inquired about our itinerary for the next four days.  Looking at the location of one B&B, he said, “There’s nothing there.  Absolutely nothing.”  So we did some re-routing on the spot.  Hosts and guests at B&Bs are a great source of information and enrichment.

The face of the left cliff in the painting has been taking on a bit more shape since you last stopped by my studio.    Painting as of Aug. 31, 2010

Before you visit next Tuesday, I hope a waterfall will be splashing its way down the right-hand cliff!

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