Gros Morne

Thanks for dropping by my studio!

It doubles as our framing room. You can see in the background a bit of Indian Harbour, a 36″x24” Giclee on canvas, waiting to be framed.The skylight creates an uplifting environment to paint in, and the window provides a view into the woods (Regional Forest, which abuts the Homer Watson Woods).Photos we took of Gros Morne last June, a world heritage site, have been downloaded into the laptop, which allows me to enlarge any part of the photo.The water in the foreground (which is the last thing I’ll rework in this painting) is some of the cleanest and purest in the world!

Gros Morne painting as of Aug. 24, 2010

Gros Morne receives about 120,000 visitors each year. I don’t know how many visitors will “drop by” my studio next Tuesday to view Gros Morne, but let me know if you are one of them. I’ll have the welcome mat out for you!

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