EXACTLY as it was in the ’70s!

THE FOLLOWING COMMENTS were made on January 2, 2024, by Kira Roberts in Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, and were posted in the Facebook group, Americans on Bonaire:

“I’m really enjoying this book published in 2017 about a Canadian family and their eleven years spent in Bonaire. It is amazing how much is still EXACTLY as it was in the ‘70s (starting in 1973).”

“Today I was reading about the extensive fireworks displays put on by Bonairians. Listen to this, “There was no point in not celebrating the arrival of the New Year. The island literally blew up! Only the stone deaf could sleep through such a ‘bombing’. Bonairians of all stripes outspent themselves to purchase fireworks because they thought the fireworks would scare away the evil spirits from entering the new year. At midnight, it was a cacophony of pops, BANGS! Oohs! and Ahs! The black sky was pricked and spangled with exploding fireworks popping out in various colors! A sulphur-like smell hung in the blue fog everywhere! Downtown curbs were chucked full of bits of red paper.”

“If you’ve experienced New Year’s Eve in Bonaire, you’ll agree that it still describes it perfectly 49 years later!

The book mentions Captain Don, many of the local landmarks, and customs. I am thoroughly enjoying this book, and living it too! Thanks for the loan, Marianne Nagtegaal!”

Little Dutch Isle is available on Amazon here.