Dwelling Places

Generally, how do you describe sparrows?  Aggressive?  Cheeky?  Brazen?  Birds of action?

Surprisingly, they behave entirely out of character when their young are involved.  Whenever we sat on the lawn swing, some 20 feet away from the birdhouse, Mother Sparrow regarded us as the most suspicious of characters!  She did not want us to see her going to the birdhouse.  No way.  She would alight on the wooden fence, ever keeping a beady eye on us, and hop her way along the top rail by fits and starts, pausing innumerable times . . . before she flew to the dwelling place of her young.

Mother sparrow feeding babies-1024-May 19-13

We were worn us out just watching Mother Sparrow constantly flying off to fetch more bugs for them.   How weary her faithful brown wings must have become.  Father Sparrow never showed up once to bring in the groceries! 

By the way, have you seen my painting titled “Brown Wings”?

The upper garden shed is the dwelling place of the lawn mower, the snow blower, rakes and shovels, flower pots, you name it.  It is getting a makeover this spring, which started by replacing the floor.  Today Lloyd waterproofed its tired roof with a liberal coating of thick tar.  The threatened rain held off, and the temperatures were cool and comfortable for the messy work.

Tarring garden shed roof, 1024-May 23-13

Yesterday, we caught Rabbit No. 5.  I’ll not include its photo, as you’re probably sick and tired of looking at brown rabbits – but I declare, a brown rabbit in a cage is a BEAUTIFUL sight!


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