Misplaced ‘Persons’

From what distance can a rabbit smell a piece of apple?

Rabbit No. 4 is now numbered among the misplaced ‘persons’ who, at this very moment, is sniffing about in a far away woods, choosing where to dig his burrow.

Rabbit No. 4-May 8-13

Last fall, I planted several clumps of red tulips with seven bulbs in each, thinking they would make a dazzling splash of colour this spring.  However, the squirrels had their own opinion on how landscaping should be done around here, leaving my ‘clumps’ with only one or two tulips in them.  However, just over the fence in the woods, they planted a clump of five.  How beautiful the clump of five fiery blooms was – emphasis on was.  When I went out to photograph the misplaced ‘persons’  this morning, they were gone.  Someone had cut every single stem!

Tulip fire - 1024-May 7-13

I should stick to daffodils, as the squirrels abhor them, and wouldn’t think of transplanting any of them anywhere . . . even if you offered them a whole tree full of acorns!

Daffodils-May 8-13

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