Baby Pictures – July 29, 2014

Such a cool morning.  Lord Wren was out and about, serving in his many roles as co-provider for his little family, and as their loyal protector.  The clothesline provides him with a good vantage point.

July 29-14-wren on clothesline-1024

Whatever or whoever was on the ground below Swiss Chalet?  Lord Wren peered down from his post for a good five minutes – the longest he’s been in one spot since he arrived at Cedar Hollow.  You can just see the intelligence in those little eyes, can’t you, and his intense concentration. 

July 29-14-wren watching-1024-ground

Bounce the Hummer seemed to prefer the feeder this morning over flying amongst drenched flowers, no matter what flavour of nectar they might offer him.

July 29-14-back of hummer-1024-at feeder

This afternoon, my neighbour called at the side door.  She brought someone with her that Mr. McD and I were delighted to see!!

July 29-14-robin in hand-1024-of M

“Look.  He walks all around,” said his proud adopted mother, as she set him down on the patio.

Hop.  Hop.  Hop.  Soon he was at the edge of the flowerbed.  Mrs. B. gently scooped him up before he disappeared beneath a sprawling evergreen. 

“Sometimes he flaps his wings,” she added, beaming.

July 29-14-M w-1024-robin

Mrs. B’s natural and relaxed way of handling the little songster was truly amazing to behold!  She looked like she had done this all her life.  I was surprised that she didn’t bring him over in his crib but simply held  him cupped in her hands.

 And to think . . . all this joy just fell out of a tree! 

Maybe you’d better scoot over to your hairdresser right away quick and see if she has a baby bird for you to nurture!



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