Left Pine pointed out where he thought my John Henry should go, and I discreetly followed his advice.  And now it is with mixed emotions that I clean up my paint brushes and bid this canvas adieu.

Perhaps you, too, have become attached to Noble Pine, to Left Pine, or to the prim and proper Ms. Aspen and her two cousins, to the towering Guardian of the Path, to the dear Old Sentinel, and, last but not least, to the fragrant bake apple blossoms cheering all who walk this path.

Perhaps in your fancy you, too, have sat for a spell on the big rock and enjoyed the vista of Norris Point, and longed for its unhurried pace.

Do let me know if you have enjoyed joining me on this creative ‘jog’ in the exceptionally beautiful province of Newfoundland.  (By the way, The Old Sentinel painting will be offered on eBay shortly, and prints will soon be available on our website.)


4 thoughts on “Adieu

  1. Beautiful painting Eleanor. It’s a familiar scene whether one knows it’s Norris Point, or because it looks like somewhere one has been on The Rock… somewhere just outside of town… as one strolls home after a walk out near one’s favourite berry picking spot… With a light breeze blowing causing the white capped ripples on the ocean inlet… No hustle nor bustle nor care in the world in that moment.

    • Because you have lived on Newfoundland, your comments and encouragement mean so much, Kat. Not to be critical, but I really wish we could remove the tag or common descriptor “The Rock” from Newfoundland. Before we visited, I fancied seeing mostly rocks, and that wasn’t the case. Gros Morne is lovelier than Cape Breton, and St. John’s is a landscaper’s dream, adorned with rhododendrons and yellow chain trees. Beautiful Newfoundland has puffins, sculpted ice bergs, whales . . . even bakeapples! I hope more Canadians get to enjoy this unique province.

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