Log Removal

Fabtek operator, Jay Peters, hails from Arthur.  (Wish he had pushed that twig away from his face.)

His twelve years of experience expertly guides the control levers.   He’s a pro!

The picker-upper equipment is agile . . . and certainly doesn’t have rheumatism!

The ‘closed fist’ of the jaws pushes the logs down to avoid wasting space.

Seven logs in one ‘mouthful!’  Yes, Sir!

A word from “Jaws”—-  Weve got a full load now, but I might as well hang onto this ‘mouthful’ while we head through the woods to unload our cargo.  Every log counts, you know.

I love my work!  It’s pretty neat knowing that these logs will be sawn up and become useful in the construction industry!  Who knows?  Maybe they will provide wainscotting for your future rec room, knots and all!  That’s what this blogger has in her rec room.

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