A puffin “flew” all the way to our Ontario home today!

Opening the side door to get the newspaper out of the mailbox this morning, I found a paper cylinder dangling from the inside of the storm door by a mauve ribbon.  Carefully pulling the cylinder out of the ribbon, I felt something soft inside.  It was a dear little puffin, made out of plush fabric!


Above the coloured photo of him on the page was this note:


A little bird has told me

that you are putting your lovely painting ability to the test

of creating pictures of my relatives on “the Rock.”

I just thought that I’d drop in to see if I can be of assistance to you.

I don’t charge much for my modeling talent, just a bite of food now and again.

Needless to say, the bright-eyed little puffin got our day off to the happiest of beginnings!  I’ll let you know if I can unravel this delightful mystery.

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