Time’s flying!

Spring has felt more like winter this year, but the calendar insists that June will be here in just six more days. Father Wren arrived a few weeks ago, and the good news is that Cedar Hollow is ringing with joyful rhapsodies—nothing in the minor key, no way.

Cedar Hollow is offering three possible nurseries, two of which are spanking new.  The venerable old Cedar Shake Cottage on the right has been spruced up with a new front entrance.

Unlike previous years, so far, there are no twigs sticking out of any of the houses. Maybe he is going green—using fewer materials this time around.  Less is more.

I wonder if Mrs. Wren will like this nifty model, the Black Diamond?   Clean lines.

But I’m rather fond of all of the greenery near the old Cedar Shake Cottage.

I’d better get back to prepping the nurseries, but I’m just not sure whether I should search for an entirely different bassinette for the gourd house. It’s got me stumped!