The Old Sentinel

The Old Sentinel had seen many changes in his day, but when he heard our webmaster suggest that I name the painting The Old Sentinel, his joy knew no bounds.

“Well, now,” he said in his deep, raspy voice, “I’ve been watching you pretty closely as you’ve mixed paints and changed this and changed that.  I could tell you loved to sit on the rock now and then and view pretty Norris Point.  For a while, I was sure you would title this Norris Point Overlook.

Then I watched you bring the bake apple blossoms to life.  I knew you loved them, and that you were trying to find out if they had a fragrance of their own.

Right from the beginning, I understood that the old pines and aspens meant a lot to you, too.

I overheard you say that you still have some touching up to do on the painting as a whole, but that you had settled on its title.  I don’t rightly know how to say this, Ms.,” stammered The Old Sentinel, as a tear or two fell onto the tiny vines in his ‘pouch,’ “but, well, calling your painting The Old Sentinel is, well, oh my, I just can’t express my joy!!”


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