Rambling River Song

In between doing the week’s laundry this Saturday, I spent the day in the studio beneath the skylight.

During the past few days, we have been bantering titles about, and finally settled on Rambling River Song.  Listen, and see if you can hear the river gurgling bravely along in spite of the encroaching ice.

I thought the painting was done before noon, and placed it on an easel across from us in the living room where Lloyd and I could critique it while enjoying a sandwich in our lazyboys.  Lloyd didn’t like the looks of the rocks showing through the snow toward the bottom of the arch on the left.

“Kind of looks like a salamander, doesn’t it?” I said, amused, and was soon headed back into the studio to wipe it out.

If you go back to the previous blogs, you will note quite a change took place this week below the arch.  John brought it to my attention that he was having trouble with that area.

“Maybe I’m just not seeing it right,” he graciously remarked.

Oh, oh.  I knew that meant I had to go back and review the  reference material.  Foolishly, I liked what I saw in another photo, and got the perspective all out of whack by painting that into this!  “Thanks, John!  I pulled the river out of the sky.”

The inspiration for Rambling River Song came from the old stone arch above Blair Creek not more than five minutes from our home.  I photographed it several times in both summer and winter.  May this simple arch from yesteryear give you pleasure . . . and peace.



2 thoughts on “Rambling River Song

  1. What an amazing painting — realistic and detailed !
    Although it is a Winter Scene of white snow, the colours of the red berries, green
    needles, and brown tree trunks, bring the picture to life and add warmth.
    The arch of the brick bridge with the little stream flowing underneath, portrays a “calmness and serenity”.
    Thank you for “capturing” a tranquil and beautiful moment — to be viewed again & again.

  2. A lot of good research and work went into this picture! The design harks back to the Roman aqueducts but also carries the impression of peace and serenity. Thank you!

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