I Intend to Eavesdrop!

“Now, that’s what I call a right good perch,” said Ms. Guardian of the Path.  “I’ll enjoy having folks sit near me as they view Norris Point.  I must say, it feels mighty fine to see that one of my suggestions was taken seriously, and that you changed the rock into a perch.”

Before I could thank her again for having made that suggestion, she rattled on:

“And I don’t mind telling you that I intend to eavesdrop!  Why, I might even find out where people are from!  It’s amazing what comes out when folks have a chance to get off their feet and rest.  I know that a lot of Canadians haven’t been to visit Newfoundland.  Maybe your painting will change that when they see how beautiful our island really is.”

“I do hope so,” I replied.  “Somehow all the talk of ‘The Rock’ made a negative impression on me.  I’m so glad my husband and I came to Newfoundland and saw its beauty for ourselves.  Five days wasn’t half enough time, though.”

Mar.2-13-1024Ms. Guardian of the Path was in such a pleasant frame of mind that she didn’t even notice that the tracery of her finery hadn’t been added to the path yet.  Whew!  I think I’ll just sit on the perch awhile myself.

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