Get a Move on, Do!

Have you ever wished you could move a full-grown tree to a better spot in some particular setting?  Well, I just did!

With my own bare hands, I dragged the aspen tree at least 25’ straight ahead and planted it!  Yes, Sir, that’s a fact!  Ms. Aspen put up quite a fuss when she found out what I was planning to do, but when I told her she would be closer to her kin across the path, she waved a branch, which I took to mean, “Well, if you must.

As I started the excavation work, Ms. Aspen implored:  “Now, don’t be clumsy.  I’ve just donned my spring frock, as you very well know, and I intend to look my best the whole season long.  None of this modern ripped-out-at-the-knee style for me, or broken off twigs like some shaggy hair cuts I see.  I won’t have it, I tell you.”

I assured her that I would be as careful with her as I was with my very first dollie.  That seemed to settle her down.

After placing Ms. Aspen in her new location, and tamping the earth firmly around her, I gave her a refreshing drink of water.  She felt more like herself, and smoothed out her petticoats before she squinted at her cousins  across the path.

“Oh, no!” she gasped.  “My cousins look worse than manikins in a store front! Get a move on, do!  Quick!  Put some “clothes” on them before somebody comes down this path.  I don’t see why you dawdled around painting that rock and the spruce trees.  How on earth could you be so thoughtless?”


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