Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

Our son, John, is donating his seven weeks of vacation to Trans World Radio Bonaire as a volunteer missionary, helping them with computer projects (July 30-Sept. 15).

 After three different flights, with a window seat falling into his lap on each leg of the journey, he arrived at nightfall (that’s 7:00 p.m. year-round there). 

Lloyd and I served with TWR Bonaire from 1973-1984.  Our three children were educated totally in the Dutch language, becoming bilingual.

As you will read from John’s first blog from the island, the TWR guest house he is being housed in is just a four-minute walk from a great resort catering to scuba divers (John is an avid one). 

How’s that for icing on the cake?        

Enjoy John’s informative blogs:

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