A Christmas Puffin

Toddling down a busy Montreal street in mid December, a veterinary technician spotted a disoriented puffin.  It was less than a year old.

How did it get more than 1,000 kilometres away from its east coast home?  Some have theorized that it might have boarded a ship in Atlantic Canada and hitched a ride.  Maybe the deck of the ship was wet, and the puffin thought it was landing on water.

Cared for at a bird rehabilitation centre in Montreal, the tiny celebrity dined on small fish.  The adorable puffin made a TV appearance which was aired over our local station!

Two days before Christmas, it was flown to St. John’s, Newfoundland, in a heated cargo hold, and will be held in the swimming pools of a rehab centre there for a week or more.

Wait till Mother Puffin hears about this!

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