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Forty Winks - Right Side
Hydrocal (Stone)
ID# S0112

15.2cm H x 15.9cm W x 22.9cm D

6" H x 6.25" W x 9" D


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Forty Winks

Sculpture of a napping hunter guarded by his black and tan coon hound.

My thoughts for this sculpture were rather long, and took an abrupt turn somewhere along the line.

At first, it was to be more comic in nature. It would feature a rabbit hunter empty-handed and asleep at the end of a fruitless morning. Meanwhile, the elusive rabbit sits right by his knee, looking up quizzically at his sleeping foe.

But then my thoughts changed, and the rabbit hunter became a coon hunter, a man well acquainted with the woods. He, too, had experienced a fruitless morning, and had taken a bit of time off to recharge his batteries, his Winchester rifle within easy reach. The rabbit had faded away . . . replaced by a black and tan coon hound. That faithful creature, still alert and on duty, makes sure his master is neither endangered nor disturbed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sometimes our endeavours are unsuccessful, at least for the moment. Sometimes the situation is greater than our strength. Should we tramp on doggedly until disappointment becomes disaster? Or should we come apart and rest a while, to wake up with renewed vigor and vision for the task ahead?

Forty Winks - Left Side - Click to enlarge Forty Winks - Front view - click to enlarge Forty Winks - Back view - click to enlarge

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Forty Winks
ID# S0112


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