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Sunny Sill | A A watercolor painting of cut flowers, white tulips
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Watercolour ~ Image 204

Sunny Sill

A watercolor painting of cut flowers, white tulips

Limited Edition: 75

All cut flowers bring the garden's gentleness indoors. Awash in the morning sunshine filtering through the curtains, the white tulips on the windowsill appear translucent in this watercolor painting.

When no one else is in the room, cut flowers talk to you, whispering messages of hope...whispering that Someone cares.

The white tulips in the watercolor painting remind us that they made their way through dark, cold, stony soil, and you, too, can persevere through difficult times.

May cut flowers often be found on your windowsill. May the serenity of the white tulips in this watercolor painting pervade your home.

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Original Painting (framed)

ID #10204-ORIG
11" x 12"




Prints (unframed)

11" x 12"


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